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You play as deckchair attendants on board the first class promenade of the Titanic, competing with other players to earn tips from your customers as the ship starts to sink around you.

Your customers will tip you based on how much they like the place their deckchair ends in each round. Everyone likes to be the centre of attention, so the centre square is worth the most – you’ll get £4 if one of your deckchairs finishes here. If you finish with a deckchair in a square of your own colour, they’ll tip you £2 because they especially like that place because it’s sunny, or shady, or offers a nice view of the icebergs floating by. Finally you’ll earn £1 for finishing on someone else’s colour.

Each round you’ll take actions to move your deckchairs towards scoring spaces, place your deckchair attendant to reserve a space or push the bit of the iceberg that has fallen on deck to disrupt your opponent’s plans or just cause some chaos!

The twist to the game comes at the end of each round, before you score, the ship which is starting to sink is listing and tilting. This will cause all deckchairs that can move to move one square in the known direction shown on the direction card for that round. Each round the direction changes, and this creates and everchanging pattern of scoring squares and creates the puzzle which underlies the challenge of the game.

The game comes alive trough the player interactions with the iceberg block and the need this creates to balance scoring your own points, against defending your position or attacking your opponents.

This is a gateway level game that plays quickly with a surprising depth of tactics and a high level of player interaction that won the Judge’s and People’s Choice Awards for best abstract game at the UK Games Expo 2022

After a successful Kickstarter in 2021, Deckchairs on the Titanic is available to buy now from selected retailers including:


"I absolutely loved this game.
Deckchairs on the Titanic has a somewhat Go or Chess-like feel, and I am a big fan of both. Forward planning, spatial and logical reasoning, and a healthy dose of ruthlessness are all needed to secure victory."
"[This] is a quick, tactical, well themed abstract game that is fun with all player counts but increased player count tends to more random fun rather than the tight strategic play of the lower player counts. Don't be afraid to go for the long game, it's not that long!"
"It sounds like a strange theme, but actually it's a quick, thinky, filler game ... [that] really shines with four players. For a shorter filler game of 20 minutes there are oodles of strategy."
"DOTT really is a fun and original game which we can't compare to anything we've played yet. It looks good, plays great and delivers lots of fun for any player count."
"This is a grand little family game that will give gamers something to crunch on too"
Deckchairs on the Titanic is a well-designed abstract strategy game with a distinctive charm. It's easy to learn, and the 'theme' adds hugely to its appeal.

Available to buy now from selected retailers including:

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You will need to print between 4 and 8 A4 sheets and supply the following pieces: 

  • 3 meeples or similar pieces in each player colour
  • 1 ice block piece
  • Deckchair pieces according to the number of players:
    2 player: 6 red and 6 blue pieces
    3 player: 4 red, 4 blue, and 4 yellow pieces
    4 player: 3 red, 3 blue, 3 yellow, 3 green or cyan pieces
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