Earn your fares By Placing your chairs

Quick! Get your passengers’ deckchairs into their favourite spots before another player gets there. Make sure the passenger gets what they want – this is First Class after all!


Flippin' Heck, There's
Ice On The Deck!

Crikey! A big block of ice has fallen onto the ship. Launch it across the deck to disrupt your opponents, but keep your deckchairs out of its path!


Get Out Of The Way When The Ship Sways!

The Titanic is rocking about a surprising amount. It’s sure to be fine, but your deckchairs are sliding all over the deck. Be one step ahead!


Cruise To Victory With The Most Tips!

If you’ve kept your passengers happy, count the cash and dream what you’ll buy when you reach dry land. The ship is unsinkable, right? 
Aye aye Cap’n!

Number of Players

2 – 4 Players

Game Time

15 – 30 Minutes


Age 10+

Deckchairs on the Titanic is available now as a free print and play edition, with a visually redesigned production version coming to Kickstarter next year. 
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Deckchairs On The Titanic

The year is 1912 and you are a deckchair attendant on the Titanic. Compete for tips by placing your customer's deckchairs in their favourite places on the deck and see who can get the most before the ship sinks!


The world sandcastle championships are here, and in this high stakes world, dirty tactics are the norm. Try to build the biggest sandcastle before the tide comes in, but beware of your competitors, or should they beware of you?


In the mid 1800s, flyboats carried hundreds of thousands of passengers around the canals of Great Britain at speeds of up to 10mph. Compete to get your passengers to their destinations first in this high speed race and chase game.

Apex Predator

Can you become the apex predator?
Find new habitats, evolve to hunt new prey or defend yourself from other predators and try to get to the top of the food chain in this evolutionary new game from Silver Birch Games.

Silver Birch Games produces board and card games featuring:

  • Direct player interaction
  • No player elimination or late game player elimination
  • Play times up to 90 minutes
  • Unusual themes
  • Classic wood and cardboard aesthetics
  • Family friendly play modes
  • Colour blind friendly palettes
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